Monday, June 11, 2007

A Mormon President?

I'm not supporting Romney for President, but not because of the Mormon past; I'm disconcerted by their Prophet and his theological authority over any faithful Mormon today and tomorrow. As a beliving Mormon and Mormon bishop, Romney does not answer to his own moral conscience; he answers to his Prophet. What pressures might a Prophet have over the decisions and actions of the President of the United States; who holds the powers of life and death over the entire planet via the Presidential "football", who is Commander-in-chief, and commands the full weight of the Federal Government. If the Prophet calls in the middle of the night, at what point does his Presidential oath to uphold the Constitution and protect the people of the United States conflict with his obedience to his Prophet over some moral, ethical or even apolcalypic crisis?
I want a President of the United States who owns and answers to his own conscience; not to his Prophet, his Holy Father, nor any any other failible third-person. The presidency is dfferent than any other elected-office in America, and requires special consideration of who has access to it's unique powers....