Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Is LCR - National effective?

It would help if the LCR-Natl’ had some money to spread around like a proper “special interest”….but that’s right, they’re broke and won’t tell anyone (including the general membership) the truth about it’s finances. No-one has yet explained where the “One-million-dollars” alledgedly spent by Patrick (the First) to defeat a Republican-candidate-and-sitting-President in the 2004 general election came from in the first-place. …Smart move.

And other than a e-newsletter and sponsoring upscale ski-parties and $1500-a-person “fly-ins” to Washington DC…what has LCR-Natl. been doing? Many of the local and state chapters have been busy getting G/L Republicans involved at the local-level, but there’s no sign of any Nationally-generated grassroots political operation, not any overt lobbying on the Hill or to the White House. Oh, that’s right…they don’t have any money to spread around….

And without some financial and organizational transparency, I’m reluctant to give at the “what-ever“-level without knowing where it’s going and who authorized the budget…and who’s auditing the books.