Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Ebb Tide for the GOP

If you liked Clinton-I, you’ll love Clinton-II. …All hail St. Hillarybeast!!

The “popular” sentiment amongst the Republicans out here in East Coast “Blue-land” is a combination of resignation and disgust at the current congressional AND White House-Pentagon leadership. Older centrists like my own parents…who still think the Democrats are “idealess” and “gutless”…feel so betrayed by the GOP that they’re now saying “throw the bums out at any-cost”. The current GOP leadership inside the Beltway has squandered the Victory of ‘94, and the Reagan Legacy;

- Out of control pork-fest have ballooned the Federal Budget.
- Afghanistan is not improving.
- Iraq has been downhill ever-since the wide-spread looting, and the casualty-rates are still “high”.
- Katrina was a fundemental cock-up on all-sides.
- Bush, Cheney, Rummey and Condi have lost their personal credibility after WMDs, Iraq and Iran.

Even the persciption drug boondoggle hasn’t delivered any price relief, just serial comparisons when people gather about how they’re getting “screwed”. And every trip to the gas station delivers a real-time message about “how well” the war is going…$2.85 for regular, $2.95 for premium.

Worse, many out-here are viewing the entire “immigration reform” non-debate as a political side-show ineffectually-staged to distract public attention from Rummey, Iraq and Iran. A number of the moderate “republican-voting” people I know…as compared to the GOP-deadenders…are willing to this-year hold their noses and vote for the Democrats; knowing full-well that they’ll get bait-n-switcher like Gov. Corzine and Sen. Menendez of NJ. They are just tired of the GOP and it’s “promises” that they see as just not squaring with political and historical reality. And they know what St. Hilllarybeast is, but they’ll vote for her anyway as a reaction against whomever the GOP nominates…especially if counter-balanced by someone like Bill Richardson. They might prefer it be “Richardson for President”, but they’ll vote for St. Hillarybeast anywa; …long before they vote for Romney-the-Mormon.