Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Gay Rights or Republican Politics?

Surely there are more pressing things in Missouri for LCR - St. Louis to complain about;

"The gay political organization Log Cabin Republicans is asking for an investigation of a drag show at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. The president of the Log Cabin Republicans of Greater St. Louis, Charles Stadtlander, said he attended the October 14 drag show. He raised concerns that the show mocked heterosexual audience members and that performers wore revealing outfits, used inappropriate language, and simulated sex acts. "...

The LCR is a partisan "political" organization, not a chapter of GLAAD....nor is it a local committee of the ACLU. This is exactly the sorts of disputes that LCR should not be getting itself involved with. And where an officer of the Chapter should not be using the LCR reputation and credentials to pursue an obviously-personal agenda.

How does this further the political agenda of gay Republicans?

Update: Right Side of the Raindow asks, ..."If you rebuff the Republican presidential nominee, support abortion on demand and call for same-sex marriage by judicial fiat, can you really draw the line at a drag show? With what constituency does that posture win traction? "....