Tuesday, February 07, 2006

To be unarmed is to be dispised."

I'm a firm believer in self-defense firearms, and the equivalent responsibility to know how and when to use them. Buy a handgun and a shotgun, and learn how to use them both. If your in a "shall issue"-state, get a CCW-permit...even if you never intend to carry concealed, just get one. If your in a moral-backwater where they restrict your handgun-ownership, definitely buy a shotgun. And not one of those fancy things...a 20-inch 12-gauge pump will do nicely...think "Linda Hamilton's biceps". Load with Forster slugs or self-defense rounds, you can't control where buckshot will fly indoors...or through a window.

If your not mechanically inclined; buy a 4-inch .357 revolver (Ruger or S&W) and load it with .38-special self-defense rounds. Your gun-store's saleman will know what you want, and ask him if you can use hollow-points for self-defense. If not, buy self-defense roundnose or "expanding full-metal jackets". You don't need anything bigger, and anything smaller will only annoy your attacker. If your a tech-geek, buy a .40mm or a .45ACP (Glock, Ruger, S&W, Para, Springfield Colt, or other reputable compact semi-auto pistol). Anything smaller than 9mm will only get you killed. Think small and pocketable...your not holding off an army...don't be seduced by big, shiny and heavy guns with 12-17 round magazines. By the point you actually need that 7th or 8th-shot; your in more trouble than you handle. Again, load 2-magazines with self-defensive rounds...one stays in the gun, the other stays in the drawer unless you've practiced re-loading in the dark. And have a nice, fully-charged metal flashlight handy at-home. Maglites are great, strong, and have a comforting "heft" to them.

My own opinion is that pocket derringers, hunting rifles and military-style rifles have no-role in self-defense...it's not what they're designed for. The only rifle that works for self defense is a cowboy-style 20-inch lever-action in a handgun-caliber, loaded with self-defense rounds.

...And always carry a good 3-inch pocket-knife. Everyone should carry a pocket-knife. Just a simple folding buck-knife with a quality locking-blade; mine's on my keyring. Even a knife might buy you the few seconds needed to safely flee.

UPDATE: I would only add three things;

“Fill your hand, you son of a bitch!”. - Rooster Cogburn.

“Well, punk. Do you feel lucky?” - Harry Callahan.

“From my cold, dead hands…” - Charlton Heston, Pres., NRA.